Hi folks, I’m Nikki.
I use they/them or he/him pronouns and I’m a genderfluid actor/singer/dancer (in whichever order).

I’ve been performing onstage from the age of three into the present: as title roles such as Clara and The Sugarplum Fairy in the ballet The Nutcracker to acting and singing as Diana in a performance of Next to Normal.

I’m extremely thankful for the privilege to have learned about social change through the arts in Juilliard’s “Artists Striving to End Poverty” Program and to participate in The Open Jar Institute’s Broadway summer and Residency Programs. I’ve also had the absolute pleasure to perform alongside Broadway performers Joshua Henry, Susan Egan, James Moye, Jenny Rose Baker, and Coby Getzug.

In April of 2018, I self-produced and performed an immersive experimental theatre production Enough (?) for my senior thesis combining themes of trans identity with the use of sentimentality as a tool to evoke empathy in audiences.

Now that I’ve graduated from Whittier College (in California) with a BA in Theatre for the Performing Arts, you can find me in New York performing in The House of Showfields and in plenty of NYC auditions.

I also love collaborating with other queer artists and am a proud member of Ring of Keys and The Commons Collective- Los Angeles.