As an actor, I study weekly under two-time Emmy-nominated Rain Valdez and was most recently featured in the 2021 Sundance Film Festival:

This new play produced by the brilliant Sis (@ucancallmesis) & starring Broadway brilliants like Jai’Len Josey and Sharon Catherine Brown was written in a concentrated span of 2 weeks (by Antonio Lasanta and Gage Tarlton) in protest of Broadway’s white-cishet-centered 2021 “Our Town” production after Broadway’s promises of diversity and inclusion.
Our Offering was written by and for Black, Brown, and TGNC folx and explores ancestry, family, identity, and how people tell their own stories.

After moving to New York, I stepped right into more queer theatre in a reading of MISS STEP by award-winning playwright Kit Yan and Melissa Li starring Shakina Nayfack, L Morgan Lee, and Aneesh Sheth (I was her angsty “nonbinary spawn”).

I’ve also have the pleasure to act, sing, and dance in educational musicals about LGBTQ+ inclusive sex education, autonomy, and mental health for many NYC schools (now virtually) as a part of the 2019-2021 S.T.A.R. cast.

I adore performing any chance I get, but especially have grown to love Queer Theatre after working with The Commons L.A.‘s Queer Cabaret and Non-Binary Burlesque. (More about this activist theatre company in Rage Magazine and in the video below!)