At Whittier College, I re-established and directed Alpha Psi Omega’s APO-Led Showcase for two years at the Ruth B. Shannon Center for the Performing Arts. The showcase reemerged to give hard working students an opportunity to take risks onstage and try out or even create and perform songs, scenes, dances, and monologues that they otherwise may not have had the chance to perform on a stage with lighting and live accompaniment.

Enough (?)

On April 7th, 2018, my self-produced senior project thesis (an immersive experimental theatre production) Enough (?) opened to a full house at the Ruth B. Shannon Center of the Performing Arts’ studio theatre. This 15 minute production is an immersive performance of monologue and movement to spoken word, music, and video in five short mini acts that recreate the sensations of recalling childhood memories. In this particular true to life coming of age story, the audience walks in the shoes of the performer onstage as they blossom into the non-binary person they are today. I’m excited to extend this piece by collaborating with other transgender creators and performers. I hope that through Enough (?) , I can provide the stage space to showcase more diverse voices within the transgender community, outside of my own, to be better seen, heard, and supported.

Here’s an excerpt from the rough draft performance

As for the immediate future, I am currently in the early stages of creating my first self-written album to follow my journey through my physical and vocal transition on testosterone in the next two years.

My long term goal is to extend my piece, Enough, into a full-fledged production with other transgender performers that can express their own unique experiences through their own mediums of art.

My long-long term goal is to collaborate with others to create a fully accessible dance studio focused on transgender performers that will teach a variety of different genres of dance as well as their histories. I aim to restructure the traditional very binary (meaning society splitting actions and spaces into only two categories: men and women) techniques of teaching and choreographing various forms of dance in a way that will no longer marginalize transgender individuals.

Untitled Transition Album

My most recent adventure has been creating my first original album that will follow my vocal transition on testosterone. I plan to collaborate with other transgender and queer artists and am ridiculously excited to be working with RAD Records on this passion project.

Stay tuned!